Consumer Habits Lead to the Latest Storage Industry Innovation

Victaulic V9 Fire Protection Sprinkler

Consumer Habits Lead to the Latest Storage Industry Innovation

Posted on September 19, 2018

消费者行为在不断演变。为了保持领先地位,公司需要了解哪些趋势正在发展,以及这将如何影响客户需求的满足。随着存储行业的日益繁荣,Victaulic(唯特利)意识到需要将创新引入仓储行业 – FireLock™ IGS™ Installation-Ready™ V9 型喷淋头接头及其相应的 FireLock IGS™ 沟槽喷淋头系列。为了更好地了解为仓储行业提供消防创新所必需的幕后工作,我们采访了参与这些项目的两位 Victaulic(唯特利)团队成员。喷淋头和设备产品经理 Daniel Wake (DW) 以及高级项目工程师 Wayne Bancroft (WB) 分享了他们独到的见解。

How is Victaulic Leading Storage Industry Innovation in Fire Protection?

(DW) Because of the speed in which the storage industry is growing, warehouse owners are creating spaces not developed to specifications to move customers into these spaces as quickly as possible. The turnover rate from building the space to move-in emphasized the need for adaptability in storage industry innovations. The solution was simple, create a product quick and easy to adapt at a moment’s notice. Before this, only one solution [threading] existed and all the inherent issues, including leaks and messes, were overlooked. Creating a new method allowed fitters to seek an alternative. A real storage industry innovation, the Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling saves them time, money and reduces risk by having consistent sprinkler installation.

What’s Unique to Victaulic’s Product Development Process?

(DW) What makes the Victaulic product development process unique is the connection we have with our customers and industry associations. From being in regular communication with those in the field to visiting job sites ourselves, Victaulic is gaining exposure to the issues our customers face and the solutions they need. The feedback we receive allows us to understand common problems with threading and how we can improve upon those issues with our grooved solutions. With our boots on the ground, we’re able to leverage trends to anticipate and create quality solutions like our latest storage industry innovation. Since there has never been a sprinkler without threads, Victaulic ran focus launches to receive feedback from customers to continue to understand and meet their needs.

Why Transition from Two-Bolt Coupling technology to a One-Bolt Sprinkler Coupling?

(WB) The design of FireLock IGS Installation-Ready Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling is intuitive to the needs of our customers. The one-bolt sprinkler coupling design came from the desire to create a quick and easy pipe joining solution.

The Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling can be orientated in any direction with no risk of damaging the sprinkler. The one-bolt sprinkler coupling design offers speed and ease of installation.

Steps for installing a Victaulic Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling

  • Stab it onto the outlet
  • Tighten the bolt

With pad to pad inspection, there is no stress or strain of a torque wrench. One installer added, “You just take them out of the box and put them on the outlet, zip them on… It takes seconds compared to minutes.” Our team carefully considered customer needs when developing the one-bolt Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling, a true storage industry innovation.

What are the Benefits of the One-Bolt Sprinkler Coupling to Contractors?

(DW) The Style V9 Sprinkler Coupling removes the application of torque to sprinkler heads.

The results of over-torquing a threaded sprinkler:

  • A bent frame arm
  • Compromised seal
  • Or a misplaced cap

These results can lead to costly leaks in the system.

There are two advantages of the Style V9 Sprinkler Couplings for contractors and engineers who specify them

  • The simplicity of design reduces risk
  • No torque requirements reduce cost and time.

单螺栓喷淋头接头解决方案使承包商更容易处理安装在仓储空间中的大体积喷淋头。密封垫圈的可靠性减少了系统中的泄漏次数,最终节省了时间和金钱。V9 型喷淋头接头操作简单,安装方式一致,支持用户在每项工作中进行相同的安装操作。

无论行业或客户的需求如何,您始终可以依靠 Victaulic(唯特利),通过高质量、高价值的优势来建立信心。有关最新的 FireLock IGS Installation-Ready V9 型喷淋头接头的更多信息,请单击此处:



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