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Victaulic is designed to provide full system solutions to meet the rigorous demands and challenging environments of the power generation industry across all plant types and scopes of work. We are proud to be a part of the planning, design, and construction of power and energy facilities throughout the globe.

Victaulic works for power

Since the 1920’s Victaulic has provided solutions for some of the largest power generation projects. Solutions include standard service needs as well as high pressures, extreme temperatures, and abrasive services. The power industry's extreme demands are met through Victaulic’s ability to provide power code compliant solutions that increase sustainability, reliability, certainty, and safety for the life of the system.

We support the natural gas, wind, geothermal, nuclear, solar, coal, hydroelectric, and reciprocating engine influences and stakeholders that comprise the power industry. Victaulic supports projects ranging from new facilities to retrofits and maintenance upgrades of existing plants. Victaulic’s mechanically grooved solutions are utilized on the utility, process, specialty, and fire protection piping throughout power generation facilities.

Victaulic’s solutions are designed to meet the engineering and operational requirements of ASME B31 Codes and other applicable standards compliant to the power industry.


Victaulic Power Solutions & Benefits

  • Safety
  • 可靠性好
  • 减小风险
  • 增加确定性
  • 可持续精益管道系统
  • 提高项目和设计效率
  • 模块化结构
  • 最大程度地缩短周期



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