Transportation Infrastructure Solution Partner


As the global population continues to increase, and the current infrastructure continues to age, Victaulic offers safe and reliable solutions to each of our communities around the globe.

Victaulic works for transportation.

Victaulic designs, manufactures, and delivers solutions for the projects that keep our communities moving, including bridges, tunnels, waterways, rail systems, and roadways.

Victaulic grooved methodology offers a much faster, less labor-intensive, safer, and more economical solution for transportation construction. Included are the inherent design benefits of managing expansion and contraction, reducing stresses, and accommodating for dynamic movement and seismic activity. In addition, reducing the environmental impact of the project through the reduction of the footprint required with traditional construction methods.


Victaulic Transportation Solutions & Benefits

  • Safety
  • 可靠性好
  • 减小风险
  • 增加确定性
  • 可持续精益管道系统
  • 提高项目和设计效率
  • 模块化结构
  • 最大程度地缩短周期
Top view of group of engineering team is meeting, planning const


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