Wastewater Infrastructure Solution Partner


Victaulic works to provide a variety of reliable, sustainable solutions for projects of all sizes for the wastewater industry. We work to support all influences and stakeholders throughout the wastewater project lifecycle to meet the technical and value needs of each project.

Victaulic 适用于废水处理。

Victaulic 旨在为整个废水循环过程提供支持。从概念、设计、施工到现场培训和支持,贯穿运营的整个生命周期。



Victaulic Wastewater Solutions & Benefits

  • Safety
  • 可靠性好
  • 减小风险
  • 增加确定性
  • 可持续精益管道系统
  • 提高项目和设计效率
  • 模块化结构
  • 最大程度地缩短周期
  • 工程信心


Top view of group of engineering team is meeting, planning const


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