Style 807N QuickVic™ Installation-Ready™ Rigid Coupling for Potable Water Applications

  •  For use on stainless steel and galvanized carbon steel potable water piping systems only
  • Utilizes Grade P gasket material optimized for improved resistance to typical potable water disinfectants
  • 尺寸 2 – 12" | DN50– DN300
  • Pressures up to 750 psi | 5171 kPa | 52 bar
  • Operating temperature: +0˚F to +180˚F | -18˚C to +82˚C
  • Provides a rigid pipe joint designed to restrict axial or angular movement
  • 仅在某些地区供应,有关详细信息,请与Victaulic(唯特利)联系