Style 856 Installation-Ready™ Transition Coupling for CPVC/PVC Pipe in Potable Water Applications

  • 设计用于具有唯特利PGS-300槽型的氯化聚氯乙烯/聚氯乙烯(CPVC/PVC)管道
  • Utilizes Grade P gasket material optimized for improved resistance to typical potable water disinfectants
  • 尺寸2 – 12英寸/DN50 – DN300
  • 参考技术文件了解最大额定压力和温度降低系数
  • Provides a direct, single coupling connection for PGS-300 grooved end CPVC/PVC pipe or fittings to Original Groove System (OGS) grooved end carbon steel or stainless steel pipe, fittings or valves of the same nominal size.
  • 仅在某些地区供应,有关详细信息,请与Victaulic(唯特利)联系