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始终以尊重、礼貌和专注的态度对待内部和外部的供应商与客户维护和保护 Victaulic(唯特利)公司的公众形象。





Victaulic(唯特利)采购部门负责采购公司销售、工程、制造、分销和行政管理等职能部门所需的产品和服务。以下信息概括了 Victaulic(唯特利)供应商必须具备的能力以及 标准条款与条件

Supplier Code of Conduct - Victaulic’s Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) describes corporate responsibility requirements for our suppliers. Victaulic has a long-standing commitment to conducting its procurement business in an ethical, legal, environmentally and socially responsible manner, and this commitment extends to its diverse and worldwide supply base.  We require annual review of the Code by our suppliers with signed confirmation of acceptance.

Certificate of Origin / USMCA Certificate - Victaulic must maintain documentation regarding Country of Origin for all components used in production of our products. As a Victaulic supplier, we request you to submit annual blanket statements on the country of origin for the product Victaulic purchases from your company.  Please include the Victaulic part number, product descriptions, country of origin, and tariff classification on the Certificate of Origin, including USMCA certificate where applicable. This will help aid us in providing Country of Origin or USMCA certificates to requesting Customs officials, when exporting to other countries. The Certificate of Origin/USMCA forms must be signed by an officer or authorized person from your company. Should any of the information you supplied to Victaulic change after your sending these documents, it is your responsibility to notify us in writing, within 30 days, of any changes, as we rely on your accuracy and validity when filling out our customs documentation. The same will apply to any new products added during the blanket period. Change notifications should be made to the Victaulic Trade Compliance Department.

Supplier Questionnaire for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) - CTPAT’s minimum security criteria is fundamentally designed to be the building blocks for foreign manufacturers to institute effective security practices. These measures are designed to optimize supply chain performance and mitigate the risk of loss, theft, and contraband smuggling that could potentially introduce terrorists and implements of terrorism into the global supply chain. The determination and scope of criminal elements targeting world commerce through internal conspiracies require companies, and, foreign manufacturers to elevate their security practices. Victaulic recognizes the complexity of international supply chains, security practices, and endorses the application and implementation of security measures based upon risk. Please review and provide completed questionnaires as requested by our Sourcing team.