TOPIC: Heritage

Victaulic’s heritage is characterized by long-standing traditions of innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction in all of the products and services we’ve provided from the inception of the Victory Pipe Joint Company in 1919. Since its founding, the enthusiasm Victaulic exhibited for designing and manufacturing unprecedented pipe joining solutions to resolve some of the construction industry’s difficult and costly obstacles quickly gained them a reputation as industry leaders. View More

More than ten decades later, this same enthusiasm for developing new ingenious solutions continues through the drive and passion of their dedicated employees. Today, Victaulic continues in their tradition as industry innovators with a portfolio of over 100,000+ products and patented technologies that offer mechanical pipe joining solutions around the world. They intend to maintain their heritage by staying at the forefront of the markets they serve through customer collaboration and continuous improvement.

The below collection of blog posts emphasizes the impact Victaulic’s 100-year heritage has had and continues to have on the company’s initiative to engineer award-winning, customer praised and precedent-setting solutions for the construction industry.

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Victaulic Legacy Attracts the Attention of Forbes

Victaulic Legacy Attracts the Attention of Forbes

A lot of folks will say, ‘I know Victaulic’ – but they’ve only seen one piece of what we do…” explains Luftig in an interview with Forbes.

Victaulic Photo Challenge - #iSpyVic

#iSpyVic Social Media Photo Campaign

As we celebrate our “innoversary”, we invite you to “spy” Victaulic products wherever you are. Check out hashtag #iSpyVic and see what others shared.

来自 Victaulic(唯特利)的节日问候 - 100 年的创新

100 Days until Victaulic’s Centennial Innoversary

For the past 100 years, Victaulic has been committed to customer collaboration and continuous improvement. Creating innovative solutions for the co...

US Merchant Marine Postage Stamp - Peace and War

Batten Down the Hatches – It’s National Maritime Day

Today marks the 85th anniversary of National Maritime Day; A day that recognizes the momentousness of U.S. maritime history.  We've proudly support...

Victaulic Heritage - 99 Years History of Continuous Innovation 2018

Victaulic Celebrates 99 Years of Innovation

Ninety-nine years ago today on April 4th, 1919, Lieutenant Ernest Tribe and Dr. Henry Selby Hele-Shaw filed the first patent for The Victory Joint....

Victaulic Grooved Mechanical Coupling 1920

Who Invented the Mechanical Coupling?

A look back to April 1919 when Ernest Tribe invented the mechanical coupling and filed a patent for what is now known as the Victaulic coupling in ...

Worker pushing the cart in the mine.

Why We Love Miner’s Day (And You Should Too!)

Celebrate National Miner's Day with Victaulic by learning a little more about how products derived from mines impact our daily lives.

Image from the 1920's of a stack of grooved pipe and a workman taking a break - Victaulic

Booming Through the Bust

Take a journey back to 1925 with Victaulic and view the first maritime industry pipe joining brochure.