TOPIC: VicFlex

Victaulic VicFlex is proven to complete projects four times faster than projects using threaded pipe. This flexible, easy-to-install fire sprinkler system eliminates the use of soffits and bending around obstructions. The increased safety and the simplicity of installation make using flexible sprinklers ideal for a variety of sprinkler applications including suspended ceilings and hard-lid ceilings. View More

For more information on flexible sprinkler fittings for fire protection, Victaulic has compiled a library of blog posts discussing the VicFlex Flexible Fire Sprinkler Fitting System including insights about:

  • Time saving/ streamlined installations
  • Innovative solutions for improving job site safety and efficiency
  • Resolutions for the impact of winter weather and freezing conditions on sprinkler connections and systems
  • Educational videos
  • Where to find VicFlex Fire Sprinkler System in action such as tradeshows
  • Links to articles and much more

Read through each post and then share your findings and the post with colleagues that may be looking for details on implementing flexible fitting system technology for fire protection.

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